Monday, October 28, 2019

My Endless Vacation Essay Example for Free

My Endless Vacation Essay My Never Ending Vacation Many childhood experiences may leave lifelong impressions on people. I would define my childhood as a never ending vacation. It was more than just a learning experience, but instead the time when my greatest memories were created with the people I would never forget. There are many places associated with my childhood memories, but for me, Tobago has definitely presented itself as my favorite place through out the years. As a child, I loved the thrill of packing our suitcases and going on an adventure to my favorite place, Tobago. The excitement began as we left our house in Palmiste, and began our drive to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport and boarded the plane, there was no feeling in the world that could compare to the way I felt when the plane bolted forward and lifted off the ground, taking us to our much anticipated destination. I could already feel the excitement tingling through my body. I could feel the warm embrace of the beautiful island. Tobago was my safe haven. It was staying at my grandmas house with the big pool and the marvelous view. It was seeing my grandma for the first time for the year. It was the fun of playing Marco Polo and splashing in the pool with my family. It was sitting on the porch with my sister and watching the beautiful sun setting in the distance until it eventually faded into the night sky. Tobago was sitting around a bonfire roasting sausages and marshmallows while listening eagerly to my grandmas childhood stories. It was singing campfire songs late into the night while my uncle played his guitar. It was falling asleep, laying on the ground, gazing up at the stars in the sky. Tobago was waking up at six in the morning and running into my parents room to wake them up. Tobago was the beautiful, white sand beaches and the clear blue waters. It was my mother spraying so much sunblock on me causing me to turn completely white. It was getting my hair braided. Tobago was buying bracelets and matching earrings from vendors on the beach. It was building sandcastles just to knock them down, and then build them again. Tobago was screaming last one in the water is a rotten egg! and crying when I was the rotten egg. It was the refreshing showers after a long day in the hot sun, and playing hide and  seek in the backyard. Tobago was late nights and early mornings. It was watching movies with my sister and falling asleep before half the movie was over. Tobago was eating my favorite food whenever I wanted without having to ask permission. It was a week without being forced to eat my vegetables or fruits. Most of all, it was eating grandmas delicious apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. Tobago, without a doubt, has left indelible marks in my mind. The memories I have created there as a child are unforgettable and will forever remain with me. Tobago was me, twenty years ago, having the time of my life.

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